About our School

Dean’s Message

If we are to be true to the biblical injunction that we be a light unto the nations, yeshiva students will be at the forefront. Tens of thousands of yeshiva graduates throughout the United States have made their mark not only as observant and scholarly Jews but also as leading figures in medicine, law, science, commerce, and communal activity. These wonderful men and women are the pride of our people, builders of a better world.

May the Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas continue to partake in this sacred mission in even greater measure and may the Almighty amply bless all of the Yeshiva’s friends and supporters.

Rabbi Zev Goldman, Dean / Co-Founder

Dean’s Message

The Yeshiva’s positive impact and growth trajectory are so encouraging for me, as is the communal support for its great work teaching and inspiring the next generation of Jewish leaders. My goal and commitment is to consistently work to ensure the continued and broadening financial support for the stability and expansion of the Yeshiva. Knowing the dedication of the amazing administration and staff as well as the incredible growth the community is experiencing, I am eager to join the Yeshiva and assist the fulfillment of its mission.

Rabbi Dovid Mandel, Dean

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and maintain a superior educational environment that inspires in each student a love of G-d, a reverence for the Torah and its mitzvos and a lifelong commitment to the acquisition of knowledge.

It is our aim to nurture character development in our students that reflects our basic core beliefs and values: Love of G-d, a reverence for the Torah and its mitzvos, and genuine compassion for others. Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas promotes individual achievement, a desire, curiosity and thirst for all areas of knowledge, a positive self-image, a respect for individual differences and the development of Jewish moral and ethical behavior.

Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas seeks to accomplish this mission by utilizing the most innovative instructional methodology and technology to make learning exciting and relevant, by attracting and retaining a professional, dedicated and effective faculty whose values are consistent with the religious and educational philosophy of the school and by developing a partnership between the parents and the faculty to foster the students’ individual growth and achievement.

We believe that a rich and comprehensive general studies education is essential for the future success of our students. Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas seeks to provide its students with an intensive general studies program which will equip them with the skills, knowledge and desire to continue their higher general education at the school of their choice.


  • Founded in 2007
  • 33 certified teachers
  • 194 students enrolled
  • Main campus in Henderson
  • Bus transportation from Summerlin
  • Summerlin campus for pre-school
  • School Membership and Accreditation:
    • Nevada State Department of Education
    • Torah Umesorah – The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools
    • Consortium of Jewish Day Schools
    • CIJE – Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education
  • Standardized Testing:
    • Kindergarten through Eighth grade take the ERB (Education Records Bureau) standardized test
  • Dual Curriculum – Half Day Secular and Half Day Judaic
    • Intensive academic secular studies include all areas of sciences, math and humanities
    • Classic Torah education includes study of Torah in original text with commentaries, Talmud, Jewish Philosophy, Prophets and Daily Prayer
    • P.E. at Paseo Verde Park
    • Enrichment classes include Basketball, Theatre, Dance, and Choir
  • Parent Body:
    • Our parent body represents all levels of Jewish observance, come from all over the world, belong to several synagogues and live throughout the Las Vegas Valley, all are warm which creates a family feeling
  • Parent Involvement:
    • PTA – active group of parents coordinate programs throughout the year to support the school

Memberships & Accreditations