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Our Wonderful Staff

Yeshiva Day School staff are handpicked from across the country to ensure that we have the most professional expert educators. Our students learn to love learning, love our traditions and develop the skills to serve as a light unto the nations. Our teachers utilize the most current teaching standards and techniques. Yeshiva Day School teachers teach with love and encouragement, ensuring that our students perform at their best, meeting and at times achieving way beyond state standards. Our dynamic staff serve as role models for our budding scholars, preparing our students for a better tomorrow.
Miriam Mandel
Middle School Girls Torah
Yehuda Amouyal
School Psychologist
Andrew Tetlow
IT Director
Athlone Rosenberg
Todd Rosenberg
Danny Wolf
Student Transportation
Rabbi Mordy Estersohn
Delia Monrreal
Support Staff
Samantha Brockman
Physical Education
James Taylor
Physical Education
Anthony Ruiz
Middle School Humanities
Kiruba Narasimhan
Middle School Math
Ronald Bryant
Middle School Science
Rabbi Mendel Levine
Middle School Boys Torah Studies
Rabbi Asher Kasirer
Middle School Boys Torah Studies
Karen Rubin
Elementary and Middle School Girls Torah Studies
Sarah Morgenstern
Middle School Girls Torah Studies
Ruth Kasirer
Middle School Girls Torah Studies
Gayle Dunston
Teacher Assistant
Niasia Dennison
4th Grade General Studies
Jeff Bartholomew
3rd Grade General Studies
Mariane Kanegae
2nd Grade Teacher Assistant
Diamond Walker
2nd Grade General Studies
Esther Kragen
1st Grade Teacher Assistant
Mindy Brown
1st Grade General Studies
Stephanie Buchwald
1st Grade Torah Studies
Mollie Angle
Kindergarten General Studies
Anat Swissa
ECEC Summerlin
Morah Gitty Khafif
ECEC Summerlin
Morah Francine Zimmerman-Dixon
ECEC Henderson
Morah Tilly Spietz
ECEC Henderson
Morah Andrenae Polar
ECEC Henderson
Morah Sarah Malka Weil
ECEC Henderson
Rabbi Dovid Mandel
Dean / Head of Development
Ms. Valarie Thomas
Assistant Principal
Rabbi Mendy Levine
Rabbi Yosef Alcabes
Elementary School Torah Studies
Morah Sarit Benesty
Kindergarten & 1st Grade Torah Studies
Morah Tracy D’Arensbourg-Ri’Chard
ECEC Summerlin
Morah Jordan Elbaz
ECEC Montessori teacher
Rabbi Mordechai Estersohn
Elementary School Torah Studies & Music
Mrs. Sarah Chaya Feinstein
Girls Torah Studies
Jennifer George
Development Associate
Ebony Haywood
Student Transportation
Rabbi Eli Kaufman
Elementary School Torah Studies
Rabbi Ezra Kier
Elementary School Torah Studies
Morah Sharon Kraus-Tamir
Support Staff
Mrs. Leora Levine
Preschool Director & Elementary Student Support Services
Mrs. Tzivi Lieberman
Support Staff
Morah Sarah Maryles
Early Childhood