Meet Our Teachers

Our Wonderful Staff

Yeshiva Day School staff are handpicked from across the country to ensure that we have the most professional expert educators. Our students learn to love learning, love our traditions and develop the skills to serve as a light unto the nations. Our teachers utilize the most current teaching standards and techniques. Yeshiva Day School teachers teach with love and encouragement, ensuring that our students perform at their best, meeting and at times achieving way beyond state standards. Our dynamic staff serve as role models for our budding scholars, preparing our students for a better tomorrow.
Rabbi Zev Goldman
Dean / Co-Founder
Rabbi Dovid Mandel
Dean / Head of Development
Rabbi Mendy Levine
Executive Director
Mrs. Brittney Friedman
General Studies Principal
Rabbi Dov Moskowitz
Assistant Principal
Morah Hadassah Esther Cohen
Early Childhood Curriculum Director
Morah Jessica Wolf
Early Childhood
Morah Marnee Foldoe
Resource Room
Morah Riva Rubin
Resource Room
Morah Sarah Maryles
Early Childhood
Morah Sarit Benesty
Morah Sharon Kraus-Tamir
Support Staff
Mr. Orlando Varela
Student Transportation
Mrs. Deborah Grimmer
Language Arts
Mrs. Jeri Goldman-Laxmeter
Mrs. Leora Levine
School Counselor
Mrs. Monica Sanchez
Mrs. Sarah Chaya Feinstein
Girls Torah Studies
Mrs. Sheryl Weisser
Office Manager
Mrs. Valerie Freeman
Support Staff
Ms. Risa Guzman
Elementary School
Rabbi Eli Kaufman
Elementary School Torah Studies
Rabbi Ezra Kier
Elementary School Torah Studies
Rabbi Michoel Paris
Elementary School Torah Studies
Rabbi Yossef Alcabes
Elementary School Torah Studies
Dr. Chris Budo
Rabbi Mordechai Estersohn