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Morah Nourit Zituni


Mrs. Nourit Zituni was born in France and made the Aliyah to Israel in 1983 with her parents. After living in Jerusalem for ten years, she moved with her family to Tel Aviv, where she earned her high school diploma and graphic arts certificate from Vitzo France Tel Aviv. At eighteen years old, she began to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces for two and a half years. After the army, Mrs. Zituni worked as a teacher in an elementary school while pursuing her culinary passion in pastry chef studies. In 2015, she moved to Chicago with her husband and two kids, where they opened a French Macaron pastry business. Fulfilling her desire to work with kids, Mrs. Zituni worked as a teacher at Gan Gani Jewish preschool. Last year, she moved with her family to Las Vegas, where she continued to devote herself to teaching preschool children, who fill her heart with joy and happiness. Mrs. Zituni will be teaching in our Henderson Preschool.

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