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Rabbi Mordechai Estersohn

Elementary School Torah Studies & Music

Rabbi Mordechai Estersohn grew up in Queens, New York and continued many years of rigorous learning in Rabbinical Seminary of America, earning a BA and MA in Talmudic Law and Jurisprudence. In 2017, Rabbi Estersohn received semicha from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Rabbinic Director of the Star-K organization. Growing up, he gained a reputation as a sought-after tutor for kids struggling with schoolwork, Kriah (Hebrew Reading), and in Bar Mitzvah portion preparation.

In 2015, Rabbi Estersohn and his wife moved to San Diego as Rabbi Estersohn accepted a year-round position as the Baal Tefiloh for Beth Jacob Congregation and as a Music Teacher for Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School. Rabbi Estersohn also taught Halacha to the 9th and 12th grade students at Southern California Yeshiva High School. Besides his love of teaching Limudei Kodesh, Rabbi Estersohn loves to teach Music. He is a singer, Chazzan, composer, musician, and band leader. As a Music Teacher, he plans to share his knowledge of musical instruments and theory, expand the students’ music repertoire with meaningful Jewish songs, and provide hands-on musical experiences.

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