Mrs. Debra Robin


Mrs. Debra Robin

Mrs. Debra Robin was born and raised in Paris, France, and moved to Las Vegas 20 years ago. She holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree. Prior to moving to the United States, Mrs. Robin worked with academically challenged students and helped them develop their abilities in English, Math and French. She had the opportunity to tutor in a Montessori setting where she was exposed to the Montessori Philosophy and looks forward to implementing some of the techniques in her classroom. Additionally, Mrs. Robin taught third grade for the Clark County School District.

Mrs. Robin believes in helping children reach their potential, teaching them to take ownership of their studies and improving their self-confidence, and that children benefit from an environment that nurtures the possibility of self-discovery through independent work.

Our mission is to create and maintain a superior educational environment that inspires in each student a love of G-d, a reverence for the Torah and its mitzvos and a lifelong commitment to the acquisition of knowledge.

Rabbi Dovid Mandel, Dean

Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas promotes individual achievement, a desire, curiosity and thirst for all areas of knowledge, a positive self-image, a respect for individual differences and the development of Jewish moral and ethical behavior.

Rabbi Zev Goldman, Dean